331 Cortland Ave, SF



Garlic and Dill - $8

Zesty Original - $8

Spicy Green Beans - $7

Sauerkraut - sm.$6  lg.$10

Cauliflower - $6

Spicy Carrots - $6

Jalapenos - $6

Horseradish - $4

*Half Sour


*Brussel Sprouts

*Green Tomatoes



Lox & Caper Schmear - $7

Smoked Whitefish - $4.5

Chopped Liver - $4.5

Spicy Veggie Schmear - $3.5

Caper Schmear - $3.4

Lox Schmear - $3.5

Plain Schmear - $2.5

* add lettuce, tomato or onion $.25each

Choose From- Plain, Sesame

Everything, Pumpernickle, Garlic


All sandwiches come with a PICKLE

half the sandwich, half the price

“NOT FROM A CAN”  TUNA SALAD                                                 $8.5

        lettuce, tomato, onion

CHOPPED LIVER                                                                              $7.5

        Russian dressing, onion, lettuce       

EGG SALAD                                                                                      $7.5

        lettuce, tomato, onion

BRAISED BRISKET                                                                           $10.5

        grilled slaw and Russian dressing

HOUSE CURED LOX                                                                        $10.5

        caper spread, lettuce, tomato, onion

PICKLED JALAPENO & CHEDDAR MELT                                      $7.5

        lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo

TUNA MELT                                                                                      $9

        choice of cheese, paulie’s spread, lettuce, tomato, onion

LIVER & EGG COMBO                                                                     $7.5

        lettuce, tomato, onion

EGG & TUNA COMBO                                                                      $8.5

        lettuce, tomato, onion

BRISKET & LIVER COMBO                                                              $10.5

        Russian dressing, grilled slaw, onion

SMOKED WHITEFISH                                                                       $7.5

        lettuce, tomato, onion

BRISKET REUBEN                                                                           $11

        homemade sauerkraut, swiss cheese, russian dressing


sm (8oz.)-  $3.5        lg (16oz.)- $6.50

Selection of three to four salads daily include

GRILLED SLAW        grilled red and green cabbage, shredded carrots, paulie’s vinaigrette

PASTA SHELLS        roasted tomatoes, basil, kalamata olives, feta, paulie’s vinaigrette

LENTIL                      pickled carrots, red onion, celery, moroccan vinaigrette

QUINOA                    cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, carrots, goat cheese, paulie’s vinaigrette

POTATO                    pickled green beans, parsley, dill, mustard-vermouth vinaigrette

BLACK BEAN            beans, white rice, corn, cilantro, spicy lime vinaigrette

CUCUMBER              cucumbers, red onion, dill, vinegar

ISRAELI SALAD        chopped vegetables, fresh herbs, pickles, lemon & olive oil


CHOPPED LIVER                   4oz. - $3.75      8oz. - $7.50    16oz. - $15    

SMOKED WHITEFISH            4oz. - $3           8oz. - $6         16oz. - $12

HOUSE CURED LOX              2oz - $4.5         4oz. - $9         $36 lb.

LOKSHEN KUGEL                  $3.50 each    



        ginger celer-ale, honey cardamom, orange vanilla

EGG CREAMS (made with Fox’s u-bet)

        chocolate, vanilla, mexican chocolate